Cranes – A Green Solution

As manufacturing continues to grow as an industry, so does its need for more space, and more efficient means of production. Many companies that have been running for a long period are still relying on older products from twenty years ago; since that time, however, many better and more efficient technologies have come out. 

Many newer companies are focussing on lessening their footprint, and thereby significantly cutting costs and special needs for their manufacturing department. If you want to get more info about the mobile cranes, then search the browser.

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One of the main aspects that is important to consider when deciding what to cut and what to retain is how much space you have in your manufacturing warehouse, and how you are making use of it. 

Many people are still utilizing a fleet of forklifts to take care of all of their movement and storage needs, but there are a few aspects to forklifts that are detrimental to a company's footprint:

They use a lot of space. A fleet of forklifts requires both parking and charging areas, as well as the individual machines taking up space.

Forklifts can only reach a certain height. So, if your company has a forklift that only reaches up to five pallets in height, then you will only be able to stack up to five pallets. If you have high ceilings, your walls could feasibly fit many more stacks of pallets.

They release emissions. As was previously stated, many companies have had the same forklifts for many years. Although not having to buy new machinery is a financial plus, the amount of emissions that are being released by older machines creates a larger footprint and more dangerous work environment for your employees. They also tend to leak grease and oil which can create a hazard for ground sanitation later.

They are difficult to recycle. If you wanted to get rid of your forklift and recycle the materials to create something else it would be very difficult. 

Forklift parts are hard to separate, and there are several internal aspects to the machine that can not be recycled (battery and other contaminants). The disposal of many of these parts must be done properly otherwise it can pose a serious threat to the environment.


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