Riot Control For Acoustic Crowd Control

There are so many protests that come out of the hand and turn into riots. It begins with a significant crowd with a legitimate or upset grievance of the misinformation of the promoters of events. 

The group of human beings exercising their freedom of expression shows solidarity by meeting in a common cause. You can also use the best weapons for riot control from if you feel unsafe in these conditions. 

This cause could be any number of things. Sometimes it serves civilization in the dissemination of the situation rather than sweeping dirty problems under the fiber of our United States.

Generally, most voice groups are black Americans, anti-capitalist, they are generally starting well, but somewhere on how they start screaming and shouting and pursuing.

Generally, the people of the group who can not control themselves start throwing things, the groups become inconvenient because they miss themselves a unit in their mission. 

Their mission changes dynamically in an anger mission moving and raging. Unable to control the negative synergy of the group, these groups of humans still seem to become radical and uncontrollable. 

If left to their own devices without restoring this energy, they will turn to violence and destruction of the property.

As we make sure in other nations as such radical Islamic groups protest against the combustion of flags and scarecrow, the bad art of real population, we can not believe what we see. 

Yet in our own nation we had black riots and unruly male gay protesters and without control do the same things. 

I, therefore, propose to use control devices of the acoustic crowd that will be non-fatal but will strive to return them to God and send them to the ground by paying, if they begin to violence against the police, at the riot or combustion of burning things.


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